What exactly is in a word? Is it what comes out when you look it up in a dictionary? Is it the meanings that people give to it? What defines a definition of a word? Continue reading “Empire”


Zitkala-Sa and Modern World Problems

If you have ever read American Indian Stories by Zitkala-Sa, a Dakota Sioux Indian, you’ll know of the unfair treatment the Dakota Indians received when the “palefaces” arrived in America and drove them from their land, as well as the treatment the Indian children faced when they were in school. Continue reading “Zitkala-Sa and Modern World Problems”

True Works of Art

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen a painting or two at the very least in their lives. However, when analyzing such works of art, it isn’t as simple as just looking at it and seeing how beautiful or sublime it is. No, one would have to dig deeper and almost stare at it with unwavering focus.

To truly understand how a painting’s true beauty, one would have to analyze the smoothness of the brush strokes, the feelings it gives the captive audience, the morals that are associated with the objects in the painting, the landscape and the sizes of the objects within, etc. It is only after one is able to accomplish this that one can truly indeed understand how a painting is a masterpiece.

The Roman Empire and the Aeneid

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of the Roman Empire sometime or another in their lifetime but not so much The Aeneid. The Aeneid, in case you’ve never read it before, is an epic poem written by Virgil about a warrior named Aeneas trying to create a new empire for his men after the old one, Troy, has fallen. The Roman Empire, much like Troy, was a great empire, big and strong. Although these two empires were a thing of the past, there are other empires much like them such as Germany, France, and Britain back in the 1900s, not too far in the past. My question of the day is: can you think up of any modern day empires? Comment your answer in the comment box below!

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Hey y’all! This is my first ever blog and it will be on the topic of “empire”. Even though this is for school purposes, I’ll try to keep this place entertaining and post as much . Today for my first post, I’ll keep it brief and short by posing two questions: what characteristics are needed for something to be considered an empire? Do you consider school in modern society to be an empire??

Got an answer? Well I’ve got a comment box! Comment below your thoughts and I’ll do my best to get back to everyone!!