A Not-So-Ancient Artifact

Slavery. The reason for many mutinies and revolts and wars. The reason for so much death and suffering. The thing that was abolished by our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. The suppression of colored men and women and children and the manipulation and use of them thereafter.

Image result for slavery

Image result for slavery

If I were to ever mention the word “slavery”, you would most likely think about one or some of the things above. Whenever the word “artifact” gets mentioned, the majority of the audience would think of something ancient, something made a long time ago, such as a potted clay pot or statues. What they wouldn’t likely connect together are the words “slavery” and “artifact”. Although we were taught that slavery was abolished a long time ago, 150 years is only approximately two generations. This not-so-ancient “artifact” is actually quite relevant even today — colored people are still being treated differently as proven by various social experiments.

Image result for social experiments on racism
Image result for social experiments on racism

          Even though slavery has evolved into a less extreme form of itself today, slavery is still relevant today. In today’s society, slavery lives on in a form different from the artifactual form a century and a half ago. The slavery of today exists as a form of blackmail and is everywhere — including Europe and the US. According to FreeTheSlaves.net, slaves today are “forced to work without pay, under the threat of violence” and that they “cannot walk away.” Before slavery was abolished in 1865, the enslaved were just simply taken away from their families. Today, it’s more complicated: families are usually put into debt first and and then forced into slavery (although this isn’t always the case). Again according to FreeTheSlaves.net, researchers” estimate that 21 million are enslaved worldwide, generating $150 billion each year in illicit profits for traffickers”, with 78 percent of those 21 million slaves forced to do labor in industries and the remaining 22 percent are “trapped in forced prostitution sex slavery.” Out of the  21 million slaves, an estimated 26 percent are children.

Although the artifact known as slavery has been put away for a century and a half now, a bit of it escaped and has taken on a new shape. It is futile to turn a blind eye to what is happening today: slavery, albeit a different form of slavery than what we are taught, still exists today. I guess whatever happened in the past, no matter how long ago, will still have an impact in the world of today and the future.


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