A Quick Recap

As this second quarter begins to draw to a close, I sit here thinking about the myriad of things I have learned this quarter. Compared to last quarter, Fall quarter, this quarter, Spring quarter, has definitely been more exciting and entertaining. I spend less time in class pondering when I will finally be free and when the lecturer’s voice will stop droning on and on and on.

I guess this is due to my new take on the class: if one can change his or her perspective on something, his or her opinion(s) of it will most likely change. After giving this class a second chance this quarter, I definitely have been enjoying it a whole lot more.

Coincidentally, not only does this class make us students consider a topic from varying viewpoints, but it has also proved to me how potent and effective such a method is in the overall scheme of things. I have high expectations for the next and final quarter of this school year to be even better than this one.Image result for sunrise



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