New Year, Same Class

Hello everyone! For the first post of the year, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and good fortune!

Anyhow, when I stepped into Humanities Core class for the first time this year and quarter, I had expected the same class more or less, in terms of the combination and level of education and enjoyment. Instead, it was more than what I had expected; the class felt more alive and, well, fun. I know people don’t associate the words “fun” and “college” together, but that’s how it felt. I’m someone that doesn’t do well with boring things, especially when it comes to memorizing those things, because let’s all be honest here, who wants to remember the dull, dreary things that get thrown at us? Last quarter, I had to go through grueling hours of staring at my notes to even comprehend what was being presented to me. This time, I barely looked at it at all — I know how the Incans used squares on the clothing to signify the wearer’s status in the Incan hierarchy, I know why the Incans were able to rule their empire so well, and I know why the Spanish were able to conquer the mighty Incans.

I guess college doesn’t have to be so grey after all. Image result for incan empire



Additional information on the Incans can be found here


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